Sari St. Germaine (saristgermaine) wrote in our_sv,
Sari St. Germaine


I am so scared....

a friend came back into my life 3? weeks ago...someone I cared about very deeply....and was with briefly before I met J.

We were lovers...he touches the darker sides of me with the finesse of a maestro. We have remained friends all these years...suffering each others pains and reveling in each others joys...

We have always talked...never really lost completely the love and trust we have had for each other..

Now he's free and so am I....and we have talked every night for the past 3? weeks...for two to 3 hours a night...(thank god for night and weekend free cell mins)

I am so scared, butterflied, I feel like a teen with a crush...he wants to come and see me in January....and I am terrified of how he makes me feel....

he's the kinda man who will let me have my freedom to grow..and play....and understands the darker moods in me...

what do I do?
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