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I had decided to leave NH a little while back but then when dear lil Calita asked me about it a week ago, I felt bad/guilty and said "No, I'm just downsizing"...but the truth is, with school (now that I'm taking major-specific courses and labs) and work and family life, I just don't have the spare time or money to spend on VZ and I don't feel as guilty about it since she's leaving, too and can't get on to me. :P I'll be around till mid-February when my account runs out. I'm going to sell most of my AWs (because my hubby would get pissed if I didn't) but I'll be giving away a few turfs (including my game & xmas turfs) if anyone is interested. I'll also still be on Gaia because it's free and all I have to do is read posts to keep up with what's going on instead of asking people if I'm not around for a few days.

I joined NH back in July because I had lost contact with the close friends that I made back in the Neo days at the o21g...friends that I had fallen out of touch with but that I had not forgotten because they had such an impact on my life when I was going through some hard times. I've since made reparations with those I wronged and become even closer to lots of you guys (some I didn't even know previously). Thank you all for making my evenings more exciting (that sounds so wrong).

And on that note...smell ya later! ;D (per Cali's request)

AIM & Yahoo messengers: doroshiii (usually daily on aim)
Email: doroshiii@yahoo.com
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