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An Observation...

What has been up with the members of the SV crew lately? Have we already grown bored with the shiney happy drama-free local, so we've decided to just make our own? All these accusations and random 'fuck you's have got to GO.

We're friends here people. Remember, friends? It's more than a local that bonds us together. We like each other, so let's act like it, k? There is no 'us' and 'them' anymore.

We're ALL sarcastic. We may very well take it too far at times. It all boils down to if you can't take it, don't give it or you're gonna get it. However, we don't lack common sense. Let's not hurt each other on purpose. Like, for instance, can we not just let loose on someone already having an obviously bad day by being mean on purpose?

One more thing, before I step off my soap box. (heh) Don't we at least have enough respect for each other to say "hey, I have a problem with what you're doing", rather than spazzing out and making a ridiculous scene?

I know I don't speak up awhole lot about such matters, but I've been so close to telling everyone to grow up. Sure, we're the drama local, but not amongst ourselves! I love you guys! So, stoppit!
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